SILPH Control

Our all-in-one solution to summarize your housing stock capitalization, maintenance and legal compliance. Tailored-fit onto 30 y.o. experienced company: Italambiente, who led and coordinated processes and testing of all develop phases. This software aims to help customers to be always compliant in HSE matter, and never forget any kind of scheduled task. Built on top ITALAMBIENTE know-how topped with our best technological effort.




HSE Integrated Monitor


Corporate business are always well-structured and heavy conscious of what is needed in order to be in compliance with all regulamentation, starting from maintenance reported issues since to professional employee formation, we found very hard manage with deadlines and documental renewals before the became a problem.


SILPH Control aims to let you don't worry anymore about a non-compliance that could impact your business! Start to evolve your corporate comptencies and grow up your profit, helped from the most integrated system to control your properties compliance status, all of this only with a glance to the dashboard!


Our futuristic monitor let you know in every moment how things are goings in all of your assets. Managing all the validations relatives to HSE/PSE regulations.